5 email marketing do’s and don’ts to grow your business [cxl week 11]

Anatomy of an email

  • Subject line
  • Pre-header
  • Branded graphic header
  • Main message
  • Call-to-Action
  • Supporting message
  • Footer

5 things you should do when preparing an email marketing campaign

Get permission to send emails.

Follow the law

  • You need explicit permission and proof required to store information.
  • State how all the data will be used in your privacy policy
  • Host and transfer customer data responsibly
  • You must be able to completely remove a subscriber and all traces of their data from your database when they ask so.

Have an email marketing plan

Have a testing plan

  • Subject lines
  • Day of the week
  • Frequency
  • Personalization
  • Discount/price

Use the email’s secret weapon: data

5 things you should never do

Don’t start from scratch

Don’t use one big image or a bunch of small ones

Don’t buy an email list

  • Media: digital media, sponsored emails, etc
  • SEO/Inbound lead generation
  • Lead magnets
  • In-store sign up scripts and contests

Don’t ignore mobile

Don’t send without testing

  • Pre-headers can sell
  • Video or gifs increase engagement
  • Stories sell
  • Take advantage of your existing subscribers and launch referral programs.




Growth Marketing Specialist. In charge of business development at p.Xel Digital Agency (www.p-xel.co)

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Adriana Belei

Adriana Belei

Growth Marketing Specialist. In charge of business development at p.Xel Digital Agency (www.p-xel.co)

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