Research methods to grow your business online [cxl review week 5]

  • Clarity. Is everything clear on the website
  • Friction. What is putting visitors off
  • Anxiety. Sensitive data is asked too soon.
  • Distraction. Pages have multiple goals and does not provide clarity for the users
  • Cross browser data
  • Cross device data
  • Site speed
  • Drop-off points
  • Correlate behaviors with outcomes
  • Fix measurements and verify that data is legit
  1. On-site polls on key pages of the website. Understand specific pains and struggles.
  2. Follow up surveys to understand the overall shopping experience of the users.
  1. Testing velocity: how many tests are done a month/year. Should they be done more or less often.
  2. Which percentage of tests performed provided a win.
  3. Was the impact of the experiments successful. When implementing new test you can see between -15% to 15% increase or decrease in traffic, revenue or goals you had defined.
  • You can see the actual user flow toward specific goals
  • You can segment the flow by traffic by sources, landing pages, events, technical data like browser and so on.
  • Conversion rate per time of day
  • Conversion rate per day of the week
  • Conversion rate per day of the week
  • Conversions of the week
  • Conversions per traffic source
  • Conversions per keyword
  • Top performing landing pages
  • Social Media Performance
  • PPC analysis
  • Conversions per location
  • New vs returning users
  • 404 pages
  • Invesp conversion framework
  • Methodology heuristic approach by Marketing Experiments
  • LIFT framework developed by Wider Funnel




Growth Marketing Specialist. In charge of business development at p.Xel Digital Agency (

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Adriana Belei

Adriana Belei

Growth Marketing Specialist. In charge of business development at p.Xel Digital Agency (

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